Sensoren Releases

Sensoren Releases

  • Sensoren: “Tethered”

    – As we move through life we unconsciously create intangible bonds with the people, places, and objects that surround us These bonds are permanent…

  • Sensoren - Krankenwagen Art

    Sensoren: “Krankenwagen”

    – “Krankenwagen” – the German word for “ambulance” – is a testament to the constant injury of modern culture. Accenting manic tension with lethargic…

  • Sensoren Ejector Seat Artwork

    Sensoren – “Ejector Seat”

    – Ejector Seat by sensoren Produced and mixed by SensorenMastered by Joey Mayerski

  • Sensoren Couch Dent artwork

    Sensoren – “Couch Dent”

    – Composed over quarantine summer, this track is reflective of the trudgery of WFH pandemic life. The tense sludge driving this track is the…

  • Sensoren Salon Radio Art

    Sensoren – “Salon Radio”

    – What is now Salon Radio came to be after the discovery of a mysterious Logic Pro session called redemption.logic on an old flash…